Modern Cards: Dark Edition update

It took a while, but I'm finally ready to release an update to my Modern Cards: Dark Edition skin. This version have several changes, and I'll […] »

Modern Cards: Dark Edition

Several people have asked for a dark version of my Modern Cards skin for Jriver Media Center, so I finally got around making it. This is […] »

Progress update

Thought it was time for a progress update on my new skin for JRiver Media Center. Here's some of the changes I've done since my last […] »

A darker skin for JRMC

Yesterday I started working on a new edition of my Modern Cards JRiver Media Center skin. This edition comes with a dark color scheme, something people […] »

2 older JRMC skins

The other day I was going through a few of my project folders, and came upon two of my older skins for JRiver Media Center. One […] »

Welcome to a new domain

Starting today, I've moved over the content from the old domain to a new home here on The old site will still be up […] »

Minor skin update

Just pushed out a minor update to my "Modern Cards" skin for JRMC. The only change this time is colored active state playerbar buttons. To download, […] »

New version of my "Modern Cards" JRMC skin

Yesterday, I completed a new update of my "Modern Cards" skin for JRiver Media Center. It contains some bugfixes and tweaks, and also introduces several new […] »

HTTP Secure

Lately, I've had the idea that I wanted to implement TLS/SSL security on my website. Not that I really need it for this little blog, […] »

JRMC skins vs. HiDPI monitors

JRiver Media Center, as of version 19 supports HiDPI/retina displays (more or less anyway). The problem with the current implementation (in my opinion) is that […] »