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2 older JRMC skins

The other day I was going through a few of my project folders, and came upon two of my older skins for JRiver Media Center. One of them I don't think I have shared anywhere before.

It was the first skin I did for the application, so it lacks some of the polish of my latest one. That said, I did a quick test with the latest version of JRMC, and it worked just fine. Noticed a couple of bugs, but took care of those before I zipped up the project folder (excluding the source .psd's and a few other files) and uploaded it. I also fixed/changed a few thing in my old "Brighter Days" skin as requested over at DeviantArt and the JRiver forums, and uploaded that as well.

Screenshots and download links below:

Noire Remix

Noire Remix screenshot


Brighter Days

Brighter Days screenshot