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Welcome to a new domain

Starting today, I've moved over the content from the old domain to a new home here on The old site will still be up for a bit, but I will eventually take it down and set up a redirect to this one.

There are a few different reasons as to why I decided to abandon the old one, but the main one is simply that I eventually want to maintain just a single site, and perhaps get rid of some old domains. I just don't use them frequently enough to warrant the cost of keeping them all, and neither do I want to keep wasting time updating the software. It also seems like a good idea to not use several different publishing platforms, now that Ghost have gotten to a point where it can handle more or less everything I need. Yes, it's still missing a small feature here and there, but nothing I truly need.

With the move to a new domain, I also made a new theme for the site. It's probably not looking as it should if you're running an old browser (such as IE9 or below), but if you are then it really, really is time to get with the times.