HTTP Secure

HTTP Secure

Lately, I've had the idea that I wanted to implement TLS/SSL security on my website. Not that I really need it for this little blog, but as I had never set up a proper https website I figured that I'd give it a try.

Took me a couple of days of tweaking to get everything how I wanted it. I started by looking around for a somewhat acceptable priced wildcard SSL certificate, and then had to recompile nginx to get support for spdy and tweak my config files to how I wanted them. At least if I ever get the idea that I want to set up something bigger than this little blog, I'll be able to get through this part up again rather quickly.

SSL test result

SSL test results

Other than that, I've since upgraded to the latest version of Ghost and played around with it. It's really nice, responsive and I've come to realize that I could never go back to another blogging platform or CMS that doesn't have support for Markdown. Such a nice way to write, without getting hung up on formatting. This does not mean that I've started posting more frequently yet, but who knows what the future might bring?

Update: Since I moved to a new domain, I had to get a new certificate. The image of- and link to the SSL test results have been updated accordingly.