Modern Cards: Dark Edition update

Modern Cards: Dark Edition update

It took a while, but I'm finally ready to release an update to my Modern Cards: Dark Edition skin. This version have several changes, and I'll try to list the most important ones below:

  • This is the first release of the skin with support for skin scaling in JRMC. A whole bunch of graphic files were updated to enable this, and while there are a few left that needs some work this release should be very usable.
  • Several bug-fixes (misaligned window buttons, and others).
  • New playerbar button style (play, next, prev etc.) to better match Windows 10.
  • Updated sidebar/tree icon style. Many of them will look similar to the old ones, but they all needed to be updated to work with the scaling function.

Here's a screenshot of the updated skin, the download link and instructions can be found below:

Screenshot of the application skin

Download and installation

Download the skin from DeviantArt

Installation really is quite simple. Just extract the zip file, and copy the contents directly into your JRiver Media Center folder.

On Windows this folder can be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\J River

On Mac OSX you can find the folder in ~/Library/Application Support/J River
The library folder is hidden by default, but you can still access it by hitting ⌘+⇧+G in Finder and enter the correct path.

The skin comes with custom icons that replaces several of the stock icons. If you don't want this part of the skin, skip copying the "Custom Art" folder.


Due to the OS detection and support for skin scaling, the skin only supports versions of JRiver Media Center 20 or above. If you try using it on earlier releases, there will be many missing images. I may at some point in time create a version that's backwards-compatible, but no promises. It's certainly possible to do, as the image files themselves are compatible but it'll take a lot of time and testing to make sure it actually works across all the operating systems JRMC supports. My recommendation is to upgrade to the latest version of JRMC, it's certainly well worth your money. It keeps improving year after year, new minor and major improvements are implemented regularly and the upgrade price is very reasonable.