Modern Cards: Dark Edition

Modern Cards: Dark Edition

Several people have asked for a dark version of my Modern Cards skin for Jriver Media Center, so I finally got around making it.

This is the first public release of it, so there will be some updates in the future. This time the skin only includes window buttons for Windows 10, but I will eventually add more for both OSX and earlier Windows versions. I still consider this a beta, but it's at least as usable as my original Modern Cards skin was, probably more so seeing as I've skinned more elements this time around. I've also redesigned almost all of the original JRMC internal web pages, since I didn't think they fit my skin.


Download from DeviantArt


Unzip the entire content of the zip file to your MC folder. By default this folder can be located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\J River". If you don't want custom icons etc. then just skip the "data" folder.