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Modern Cards: Dark Edition update

2 min read Featured Article

It took a while, but I'm finally ready to release an update to my Modern Cards: Dark Edition skin. This version have several changes, and I'll try to list the most important ones below: This is the first release of […]


Modern Cards: Dark Edition

1 min read

Several people have asked for a dark version of my Modern Cards skin for Jriver Media Center, so I finally got around making it. This is the first public release of it, so there will be some updates in the […]

Progress update

2 min read

Thought it was time for a progress update on my new skin for JRiver Media Center. Here's some of the changes I've done since my last post: Changes: I've updated the playerbar icons (prev, play, next, shuffle, dsp etc. buttons) […]

A darker skin for JRMC

1 min read

Yesterday I started working on a new edition of my Modern Cards JRiver Media Center skin. This edition comes with a dark color scheme, something people have requested for a while now. With the release of Windows 10 I thought […]

Minor skin update

1 min read

Just pushed out a minor update to my "Modern Cards" skin for JRMC. The only change this time is colored active state playerbar buttons. To download, head over to DeviantArt. […]


New version of my "Modern Cards" JRMC skin

1 min read

Yesterday, I completed a new update of my "Modern Cards" skin for JRiver Media Center. It contains some bugfixes and tweaks, and also introduces several new styles to choose from.The new styles you can choose from are as follows: […]

Modern Cards JRiver Media Center Skin

1 min read

Just posted an update to my "Modern Cards" skin for JRiver Media Center. This new version comes with a duo-toned edition, with a dark player- and bottombar. It also contains various tweaks for the scrollbar handles (in both […]